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Swedes have a word for when things are “just right”. They call it lagom. Experience this new sense of feel-good balance with Barnängen’s Shower Creams and Gels which are designed to stimulate the senses and to provide balanced care from the moment you touch the bottle. With our signature ingredients, protective cold cream and moisture serum, Nordic-inspired ingredients, captivating fragrances, and rich as well as light textures, our products turn your beauty routine into a ritual.

Nordic Care:

Nordic Care Shower Creams are infused with Nordic-inspired ingredients and our signature ingredient Cold Cream, a formulation inspired by the legendary bar soap that made Barnängen famous. We designed each Shower Cream to protect every skin type:


Oil Intense Shower Cream, for very dry skin
Caring Shower Cream, for dry to normal skin
Nutritive Shower Cream, for dry to very dry skin
Sensitive Shower Cream, for sensitive skin

Nordic Rituals:

Drawing inspiration from some of Sweden’s most time-honored traditions such as sauna, the ice water dip, called “Isvaksbad” in Sweden, and Midsommar, the Nordic Rituals Shower & Bath Gels feature Nordic-inspired natural ingredients and our uniquely developed Moisture Serum – a compound of Sunflower & Cranberry oils and an Allantoin extract.


Midsommar Glow Shower & Bath Gel
Sauna Relax Shower & Bath Gel
Glacier Breeze Shower & Bath Gel
Berry Boost Shower & Bath Gel

Nordic Pure:

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, Barnängen believes that reduction is the secret to pure beauty. Discover the blend of protecting Pure Essence and Sea enriched ingredients beloved in Sweden.
Nordic Pure Shower Gel formulas are free from sulfate*, colorant & paraben to freshen & care for your skin, with enjoyable fragrances for a pleasurable experience.


Discover Nordic Pure, the new refreshing as-well-as caring shower gel line of Barnängen.


Pure & Energizing Shower Gel
Pure & Protecting Shower Gel
Pure & Smoothing Shower Gel

*sulfate surfactants