Signature Technology

Barnängen products feature the “just right” blend of nature and science. They deliver a balanced care with vegan formulas and up to 95% natural origin ingredients. Our scientifically-researched skincare formulas provide long-lasting protection and are the perfect complement to our natural Nordic-inspired ingredients.

Cold Cream

Cold Cream is an ancestral beauty recipe. Its secret lies in its special composition: a moisturizing emulsion, crafted with rose water, shea butter and lipids. Cold Cream was the first so-called cosmetic emulsion and is known for thousands of years to be highly caring and protective to the skin – having a much lighter skin feel as compared to pure oils.
Our original Barnängen Bar Soap formula contained similar ingredients which is why, we decided to revamp its technology and to create our signature Cold Cream. Mainly formulated with Shea Butter and Glycerol as moisturizers and Sunflower oil, Allantoin and Chamomile as skin soothers, our protecting Cold Cream is designed to protect and care for the skin. Our patented and highly effective Cold Cream technology is infused in our products to offer the best skin care protection, for a beautifully balanced skin.
Do you know where Cold Cream gets its name? It comes from the cool, fresh and light skin feeling, that the formula leaves when being applied.

Moisture Serum

Our protecting Moisture Serum is the equivalent technology of our Cold Cream for our clear formulas.
This oil-infused serum is a compound of Sunflower and Cranberry oils, as well as Allantoin, to provide an advanced skin protection and supply a silky-soft skin feeling. Our protecting Moisture Serum is highly concentrated in our Nordic Ritual formulas to intensively protect the skin.

Pure Essence

Our Barnängen Pure Essence is created with the equivalent technology of our Cold Cream, but in its most reduced and minimalistic form.
It solely incorporates Barnängen’s iconic bar soap ingredients – Allantoin and Chamomille extract – keeping its heritage at heart, to wash and care for the skin.