Barnängen. A trusted Swedish beauty brand


Well-known in Sweden for decades, Barnängen offers effective, balanced skin care as well as a stylish lifestyle experience.

Founded in Stockholm in 1868 by the Swedish wholesaler Johan Wilhelm Holmström, its famous and most iconic product, a bar soap, was launched in 1873.

People all over the country appreciated the soap’s pleasant and beneficial effect, which is why, Barnängen became the official Royal Court Supplier in 1876.

Ever since, Barnängen has been characterized by genuine and gentle products with a natural and pure feeling. Entire generations of Swedes have used and loved them, making Barnängen one of the most iconic brands in Sweden.

Did you know?
Barnängen means childrens´ flower field in Swedish.

Not too much. Not too little. Just right.


There’s a word every Swedish person knows: lagom. Although it seems simple, it has the powerful ability to describe a whole lifestyle. It’s a sense of feel-good balance:

Not too big, not too small.
Not too slow, not too fast.
Not too much, not too little.
In other words? Just right.

Balanced care for a balanced life


We believe in balance and in a world with so many limits we refuse to settle for one- dimensional. We come from Stockholm, a place where nature and tradition, city life and progressiveness all intersect.

Not too urban, not too rural.

Not too busy, not too calm.
It´s lagom.


Lagom is Swedish for the center of balance, the happy medium, the ”just right“ sweet spot, the choice not to choose.
We fuse Nordic-inspired ingredients and the Swedish aesthetic to create products that truly reflect lagom.
Rich as well as light.
Energizing as well as relaxing.
Nourishing as well as refreshing.
Moisturizing as well as long lasting.
Intensive as well as soft.


We believe that beauty comes from when you feel “just right”—confident, authentic, and balanced.
This is our mission, to provide balanced care for a beautifully balanced skin.