Just the right blend of nature and science

Swedes have a deep relationship to nature. In this uncluttered environment, even urban people hold the countryside very close at heart. Since experiencing nature is an important part of Nordic life, we decided to celebrate it in each product with well-known ingredients in Sweden.

Swedish-inspired Ingredients

Barnängen’s Nordic-inspired ingredients remind of the Swedish landscape, light, sea and woods, which create a unique oasis for rare and varied plants, herbs and nutritive ingredients that Swedes have used and trusted for centuries.

As a result, Nordic wild fruit, like Cloudberry, as well as icons, like Birch and Elderflower, are infused into Barnängen’s Body Care products, and blended with scientifically researched skin care formulations such as our signature ingredient Cold Cream, an ancestral beauty recipe, known for protecting the skin against dryness and irritation.






Sweden is the land of a thousand berries you might have never heard of. Lapland`s favorite wild fruit, Cloudberry, is one of them. This wild rare berry mainly grows in Arctic environments & Boreal forests in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to its limited accessibility and the limited season of harvest, it is one of the most precious and rare berries in the world. With its moisturizing properties it the ideal ingredient in skincare.



Oats are grown in temperate regions, requiring lower summer heat and having greater tolerance to rain. Sweden’s natural lagom-ness makes it the perfect place to grow the very best Oats. Nowadays, Oat is well-known for maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, protecting the skin from the drying out.



Elder is a tall shrub that blossoms in the early summer with larger clusters of small and creamy-white flowers. With its delicate and captivating scent, Elderflower became the central flower for Sweden’s Midsommar celebrations. It is either used to decorate the table or as a delightful refreshment, in Swedish “Fläderblomssaft”. Rich in polyphenols, Elderflower has been used in cosmetic lotions and skin refreshers for its soothing and softening properties.



Birch is widespread throughout the Northern Hemisphere—so much so that a variant of Silver Birch—Ornäsbjörk in Swedish—is considered the national tree of Sweden.  For many years, birch leaves and extracts have been used in Sweden for medical and beauty purposes. Being the symbol of renewal, Birch plants embody toning, softening and purifying properties.


Floral Oils

Midsommar is the most loved tradition in Sweden. People celebrate the arrival of summer with family and friends. The most iconic element of Midsommar is the floral crown. A combination of seven typically Swedish flowers. Superstitious advise to pick those seven flowers from seven different gardens and to put them under a pillow. At night, your future love will be revealed to you in your dream.


Sea Salt

In winter, the most reckless Swedes go for a “Bada Isvak”, meaning “Bath in an Ice hole”. In the Nordic countries, the tradition says that you first dig a hole in the ice and then dive into the cold and salty water for an instant uplift. The coolness of the water assembled with the re-mineralizing properties of the salt turn it into a healthy Nordic Ritual.