Inspired by the Swedish lifestyle


Meet our product ranges: Nordic Care and Nordic Rituals. While our Nordic Care range is inspired by Sweden’s nature and climate, our Nordic Rituals range is shaped by some of Sweden’s most time-honored traditions.


Nordic Care range

A range of shower creams and body lotions, which is infused with Nordic-inspired ingredients and our signature ingredient Cold Cream, a formulation inspired by the legendary bar soap that made Barnängen famous. They are infused with fragrances which are tribute to Nordic beauties, the symbols of feminity and style.

Nordic Rituals range

Drawing inspiration from some of Sweden’s most time-honored traditions such as sauna, the ice water dip, called “Isvaksbad” in Sweden, and Midsommar, the Nordic Rituals range features Nordic-inspired natural ingredients and our uniquely developed Moisture Serum – a compound of Sunflower & Cranberry oils, Chamomile and Allantoin extract. They are infused with fragrances which are a tribute to the traditional Nordic rituals, letting you enjoy and unwind in your shower and bath.